Our Team


Norman Sarraf

Managing Director

Our Executive team is led by Norman Sarraf, a senior respected member of the real estate fraternity for close to 32 years. Norman commenced his real estate career in 1989 and is a Licensed Real Estate Agent/Strata Manager. He has intrinsic knowledge of Property Development/Strata Management having specialised in the field for over 25 years. His role is head of Business Development and Operations.

Peter Love


Peter Love is a veteran of the Real Estate Industry, with close to 35 years experience. Since partnering with Norman Sarraf in 1992, Peter has been responsible for overseeing the operations and financial management of the group. His role also includes minor/major works coordination and the continued training and support of our staff to maintain the highest level of professionalism throughout the organisation. Peter’s lengthy experience provides an excellent ability to understand the needs of our clients.

John Sarraf


John Sarraf is arguably one of Sydney’s leading professionals in the Strata Management field with over 20 years’ experience. He was previously the Director of one of Sydney’s oldest Strata Management firms. His role is solely to oversee the day-to-day operations of managing our experienced team of Strata Managers and provide advice to owner’s corporations on all technical facets of the legislation and what effects it has on each individual scheme.


Patrick Saad

National Operations Manager

Patrick has been at the forefront of Strata & Community Title Management since 1999. As Managing Director and Partner of one of Australia's largest Strata Firms, he has been responsible for the successful management of Sydney's largest, complex and most prestigious Strata Scheme Communities.

He also has extensive knowledge of the Building & Facility Management sector. This provides him with a unique insight and understanding into the operations of the Built Environment, making him the most valuable fit for Australia's number one and most trusted Strata Firm.

Annette Pearce

Chief Operating Officer

Annette is entering her 26th year with us, having joined the group in January 1995 as our junior receptionist – her first job after graduating high school. Annette has not only remained with us but risen through the ranks to become the Chief Operating Officer. Her role sees her responsible for overseeing all administrative functions of the business.

A major part involves leading and directing employees. She delegates administrative tasks, such as accounting, paperwork and payroll and ensures administrative efficiency, proper procedure, implementation of policies, employee morale and the efficient day to day running of our business.

Johny Gouw

Johny Gouw is head of compliance, risk management, strategic and operational planning and management reporting. He also oversees client trust accounts, liaises with external auditors, and is responsible for the transition of all new accounts. He has over ten years’ experience in specialised Strata Accounting.

Angela Love

Angela is another long-term member of the Sarraf Group. Angela entered the Real Estate Industry in 1991, later joining us in 1998. With over 28 years of experience, Angela heads the accounts department. Efficient with both accounts and administrative responsibilities, she is also responsible for WH&S in the workplace.

Jimmy Harb

Jimmy joined Sarraf Strata with over eight years' experience in the strata industry and has maintained large portfolios. Jimmy also managed Sydney Strata Searches and has enjoyed success by developing very strong relationships with his clients.

Melissa Bonello

Melissa has been in the Strata industry close to ten years. Melissa started as a junior and now manages large portfolio's across Sydney's Inner West and Eastern Suburbs. She has built valued relationships with many owners and executive committees across her portfolio.

Raymond Diab

Raymond has brought his experience in the real estate industry to his role of Strata Manager. Raymond's fresh approach and professionalism will ensure the optimum management of your building.

Joseph Alam

Joseph commenced his traineeship with one of Sydney’s oldest strata management firms and has forged a reputation for being a diligent and dedicated team member. Joseph has proved himself to be an integral part of our strata division readily available to service our clients. He holds a Strata Managing Agents certificate and is currently satisfying a number of strata clientele with his commitment to the industry.

Mary Sarraf

Mary joined our team after over five years working at one of Sydney's oldest strata management firms, handling all of the company's insurance needs. Mary's dedication to her role makes her a very valuable asset to our company.

Madison Bonello

Madison's eagerness to assist in the management of your building has been a great asset to the team. Madison maintains the highest degree of professionalism and dedication when engaging with our clientele.

Lauren Sarraf

Lauren heads our Human Resources Department and has extensive hands on experience leading HR initiatives including performance management, recruiting, staff training, performance management and more.

Jamil Harb

Jamil brings years of experience to our growing team. Starting as a trainee in the strata management industry in 2012, Jamil soon progressed into the role of Strata Manager, with a portfolio across the Inner West and Eastern Suburbs. Jamil's professional approach, dedication and client relationships is what makes him a great asset to our team.